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Signal your social, environmental or charitable purpose and motivation to make a positive difference in the world and be part of an economic and social value creation to help support the causes you care about.
  • Discover and connect with people and organisations aligned with the causes you care about.
  • Explore the good that others are doing and share your own ideas and initiatives.
  • Find opportunities to volunteer and make a difference in your community.
  • Help raise money, awareness and support for the causes you care about.
Showcase your corporate social responsibility (CSR) via a dedicated social media profile to promote and celebrate the good you do, attract new customers and employees, and to increase brand loyalty.
  • Demonstrate that you are serious and motivated about ‘giving back’ and making a difference.
  • Discover the pressing social and environmental issues of your customers and employees and be part of the solution.
  • Tag updates to inform your stakeholders of the positive impact you are making.
  • Let the stories and actions of your team help to raise awareness and support for the causes they care about.
  • Access and share insights relating to your supported charities, initiatives and impact.
Let the unique personality of your entire team and supporters help to increase support, engagement and donations for your causes.
  • Harness positive first-person storytelling to raise awareness, attract new donors and volunteers.
  • Get discovered by businesses, grant makers and other enablers.
  • Promote your services, events and volunteering opportunities to motivated people and organisations.
  • Empower your supporters and beneficiaries to champion and raise money for your cause.

What is Giving?

At Givebio, giving means improving people’s lives without causing harm to others. It includes donating time, money, products and services, contributing constructive input, stories, comments and feedback, and taking action to make a positive difference in your community and the world.

Givebio is free and easy for everyone to use.

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