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Share Your World of Good!


Use Givebio to share their philanthropy and giving activities, to showcase and champion the charities and causes they support, and to inspire others to care and give for a better world.


Use Givebio to promote the generosity of their people and organization, show their commitment to 'giving back', and to inspire employees, customers and suppliers to do the same.


Use Givebio to enable staff, supporters, beneficiaries and service users to share their own stories to attract new donors and volunteers and to enable commission-free giving.

Our Mission

Givebio's mission is to inspire giving by enabling millions of people and organizations to showcase and share their world of good.

Givebio is free and easy for everyone to use.

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Givebio - A world of good @keith g@givebio
Good week so far!  The guys managed to get some good stuff done. Pushing to Live tomorrow!
Givebio - A world of good @keith g@givebio

What would you consider to be Best Practice when you delete users in a social network? For example, how should we deal with comments they make to posts from other users or originating posts by them that are commented upon by other users?

Please share your views by adding a comment.

Givebio - A world of good @keith g@givebio

We are now at the end of Phase 1 of our development cycle and will now be promoting as our live beta. New features and fixes will be made live as they are completed but we will post a weekly pogress report for you to engage with us to ensure everything works as they should...


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