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About Givebio

About Givebio

Givebio is a London based Tech for Good charity and social enterprise. Our storytelling platform is dedicated to sharing inspiring stories of good and giving, as an alternative to the negativity we often see on social media, to bring people and communities together.

Our platform is FREE for everyone to use, and we also enable charities and other nonprofits to receive commission-free donations from our users if they enable this feature.

Our Mission and Vision

Givebio's vision is a world where everyone gives to make a difference. We want to help people and organisations around the world to maximise their collective impact on the social and environmental issues faced locally and across the globe.

Our mission is to inspire giving by enabling millions of people and organisations to share their world of good through their personal stories, actions and aspirations, to help raise more awareness and money to support the causes that matter to them. Our overall goal is to create economic and social capital to help support those actively engaged in championing positive change.

Our Values

Our values are based on the pursuit of trust. These are:

  • Collaboration - we achieve more by working with others.
  • Diversity - everyone is relevant in our world of good.
  • Integrity - consistently doing the right thing.
  • Transparency - we will be open and accountable.
  • Innovation - because change is constant.
  • Fairness - in how we treat others.
  • Respect - for everyone.

Our Culture

  • We give!
  • We work together to a common goal
  • We support each other
  • We challenge ourselves to learn and grow
  • We celebrate success and learn from every result

If you would like to work for us or with us, please send us an email at


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