3 Reasons You Should Sign Up To Givebio Today

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Givebio is dedicated to the good that people, organisations and charities do around the world. It brings a brand new and very important profile to the social media mix, one whose purpose is to inspire others to care and give for a better world.

There are many reasons why you should sign up to this new platform. Here are just three of them.

1. Share your world of good

Givebio is all about you and the good you do for your family and friends, your colleagues and community, and ultimately for the world. Showcasing and sharing this good on a dedicated, free and open platform like Givebio will inspire others to care and give to better their communities. From here, you can push your posts to all of the major social networks you use, all with a single click.

This is an act that costs nothing to you but will ultimately benefit the charities that deliver essential goods and services to and within your community. And just like you use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram for particular purposes , you should use Givebio to share the good you do. Think good, think Givebio.

2. Support the charities and causes that matter to you

People generally give to, on behalf of, or at the request of, people they know or feel a connection to, whether current or prospective. Givebio gives you a unique space from which to let others know which charities you’re championing or supporting at any given time. Further, these charities can dynamically communicate to visitors to your profile and readers of your stories as to the kind of support they are seeking at that particular time. It is from here that you facilitate commisson-free giving to them or sign ups to their volunteering requests for the specific projects for which they currently need volunteers. By taking this step in joining Givebio, you become an effective conduit in their world of good.

With austerity and budget cuts over the past decade or more, most charities have had their funding cut to the point of making some of them unviable. Some have been forced to either merge with others in order to survive, reduce the service they provide or close down. All of this leaves many communities weaker and more vulnerable as a result. Givebio represents a great opportunity for charities to share all the benefits of the platform, built and supported by you and millions of other generous people and businesses.

3. Too much reliance on Big Social

Givebio believes that giving is far too important to society to not have its own social media platform. Givebio’s mission is to establish such a platform for good as a viable alternative to Big Social. It’s not that Big Social is all bad, but we are convinced that the time has come for a space that is 100% focused on letting you share your philanthropy and giving activities in a dedicated space away from the noise and increasingly toxic nature of Big Social.

Your Givebio will sit alongside your other social networking profiles while ensuring that the charities and nonprofits you support are the central focus of a platform they effectively own and from which they will benefit from any profits generated. And with the ability to add an unlimited number of bios to your Givebio, you can rocket-boost your support by recreating (copy/paste) all your social media bios to a corresponding one on Givebio and then updating your existing social media profiles/bios with just a link to the one you added to Givebio.

Join Givebio Today. It’s Free and always will be.

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