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Givebio has been in the works for a few years now. When our founder, Keith Martin, decided to drop everything and dedicate his time, energy and money to build something that others would recognise as a worthwhile venture to benefit charities and community organisations around the world, and ultimately the people and communities they serve, he knew he would have quite a few obstacles to hurdle.

Even now, there are many occasions and situations that will require Olympian hurdling by him and his growing team. But not if the global community of communities come together to help develop and use this great digital asset that will help to build stronger communities and a better world. Well, at least, that’s what he thought. And now, he comes acalling. You have a part to play, so get involved.

But why did he start on this journey? And why should other people, businesses and charities get involved? A quick glance at his many notepads from the past few years would indicate more reasons than you would be prepared to read.

So we asked him for his overall reason and got: “I wanted to build something that would help millions of individuals, businesses and charities around the world to maximise their social impact”. That’s it! Simple.

OK, right. But why now? Below are just a few of the reasons we gleaned from said notepads:

  1. Internet and mobile technology is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and give. Giving (improving people’s lives through your actions) is essential for society and countless research have concluded that people are most inspired to give by their friends and peers and by the giving of others. Indeed, there’s no good without giving, in all its forms. Yet, in a digital age where social media and social networking is at the heart of society, a dedicated platform focused entirely on giving and the good that people and organisations do has been missing. Givebio changes that.
  2. People generally give to, on behalf of, or at the request of, people they know or feel a connection to, whether current or prospective. With Givebio, every Internet user becomes at least a passive fundraiser just by linking their bios and stories to the charities they support, making it the ultimate social platform for a giving society.
  3. People and businesses are increasingly seeking to align and showcase their philanthropy and giving activities as an essential part of their personal and corporate brands and social responsibility. A dedicated and focused platform like Givebio has the opportunity to carve out a significant niche in social media by enabling them to easily do so. While driving tremendous benefits to the charities and causes they support, Givebio brings a very important profile to the social media mix, one whose purpose is to help inspire others to care and give for a better world.
  4. Charities need constant innovation to raise the money, awareness and capacity they need to deliver their programs. Givebio is innovative and extremely easy for them to join, use and benefit. Further, charities increasingly recognise that social media ultimately benefits them and has become an essential tool for them to engage their supporters and beneficiaries, remain relevant, and to fulfil their purpose in the digital age.
  5. Charities, their individual and corporate supporters, and other third sector organisations are creating an ever increasing volume of content and engagement in social media, despite acknowledging that some of these platforms have become “toxic” with trivia and negativity, and plagued with scandal after scandal. Givebio is an opportunity to shift much of this content and engagement to a new platform that will directly benefit the charities using the platform.

The ball is rolling. Will you help it along? It’s free and easy for everyone to join Givebio today. let’s build stronger communities and a better world together.

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