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Givebio’s founders set out to create a purpose-built dedicated social network and social media profile for people and organisations with a social, environmental or charitable purpose:

  1. To show what matters to them and to share updates about the difference they are making in their community;
  2. To find others aligned with the causes they care about, based on their charitable interests and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  3. To discover new opportunities and initiatives to make a difference with others motivated to take action to improve their community;
  4. To discover, donate, volunteer and fundraise for local nonprofits and community groups;
  5. As a viable alternative to ‘Big Social’ for social good.

Today, we are very proud to be on our way to helping you and others around the world to maximise our collective power and impact on the social and environmental issues we face. Thanks for playing your part.

Platform Features

  1. News Feed
    All the latest updates, bios and stories from people, orgs and charities you follow, with filters including by charitable interests and UN SDGs.
  2. Discovery Centre
    Find everything with ease. Quick access to text and map search, list pages for People, Orgs, charities and Pages, notifications, etc.
  3. Profiles
    Your User, Org, Charity and Page profiles are where you showcase your social, environmental and charitable interests and activities that make a difference.
  4. Bios & Snippets
    Create unlimited bios and snippets to suit the different purposes and places you might use them. Be professional and serious, fun and witty when and where you need to.
  5. Pages for Everything
    Individuals and organisations can create private or public Pages that represent Groups, Events, Lists, Teams, Panels, Projects, whatever.
  6. Supporter Stories
    Receive and share recommendations via supporters’ stories about your Org, Page or Charity.
  7. Donations, Gifts and Pledges
    Make commission-free donations and pledges directly to nonprofits on Givebio. Add gifts made off-platform to share and inspire or just for your record.
  8. Easy Fundraisers
    Fundraise for charities by simply adding a supporter story, posting a linked update, or just linking your bios.
  9. Updates
    Use updates to add to your story, share news and initiatives, add fundraiser, promote events and more.
  10. Skills & Interests
    Use charitable interests, UN SDG and skill tags to let others know your purpose and capability.
  11. #Hashtags & @Mentions
    Extended @mentions and hashtags to reference and organise content you post.
  12. Follow, Comment, Share
    Get involved by engaging with profiles and content to enhance your Givebio experience and effectiveness.
  13. Impact Reporting
    Report your impact via our simplified theory of change model with optional fields.
  14. Analytics
    Access insights and reports relating to your profile, specific demographics or the entire network, all powered by AI, ML and people.
  15. Privacy Settings
    Use your profile settings to manage access to your content and control who sees what, who can connect with you and how.


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