Givebio is a free and open social media platform dedicated to the good in society.

Our platform connects people, businesses and charities to showcase and share their world of good, to inspire others to care and give to build stronger communities and a better world.

We believe in the power of social media and the benefits it can bring to communities. But it’s when it’s used for giving (improving people’s lives through your actions without causing harm to others) that it delivers the most positive impact to society. We want to be at the heart of everything good in society, supporting and championing local charities, social enterprises and other community groups, to help increase the collective power and social impact within our communities.


  • Let the good you do inspire others to care and give for a better world.
  • Enhance your personal brand by sharing your philanthropy and giving activities via a dedicated new social media profile.
  • Help raise more money, awareness and support for the charities and causes you care about.
  • Find and connect with community services to help improve your health, wellbeing and social welfare.
  • Get special offers from local ethical businesses and charities.


  • Highlight the generosity of your people and champion the charities and community groups you care about.
  • Promote your CSR via a dedicated new social media profile.
  • Share your commitment, activities and aspirations for giving back to your community.
  • Let local charities find you based on your community interests and support them in a way that maximises your collective impact.
  • Amplify the positive difference you make to the people, places and things in your community.

Charities & Community Groups

Charity and community groups
  • Let the personality and character of your people help to drive engagement and commission-free donations for your charity.
  • Harness first-person storytelling by your staff, supporters and beneficiaries to raise awareness and attract new donors and volunteers.
  • Discover progressive businesses and grant makers using Givebio to share their world of good.
  • Promote your products and services where potential customers are looking for solutions and remedies.
  • Join our Charity Pioneers group for a share of profits generated by the platform.

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