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Unlimited chapters of personal bios and stories of good and giving linked to Charities, Orgs and Pages.

My Causes

Showcase all the charities, causes and community groups you support, sharing how and why.

My Support

Recommendations, endorsements and acts of support for People, Charities/Causes, Orgs and Pages.

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Pages for everything! Join people and organisations working together to make a difference.

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All the great organisations you serve or that serve you; follow and support the good they do.

1. Create a Free Profile

It only takes a minute to create an account, it’s completely free and you can start creating Bios, Orgs & Charities and make donations to others.

2. Bios & Snippets

Create unlimited bios and snippets to suit the different purposes and places you might use them. Be professional and serious, fun and witty when and where you need to.

3. Charity Search

Find charities and causes to support by reviewing their Givebio profile, the areas, interests and SDGs they address, their impact and stories from staff, supporters, beneficiaries, and more.

4. Profiles

Your User, Org, Charity and Page profiles are where you showcase your social, environmental and charitable interests and activities that make a difference.

5. News Feed

All the latest updates, bios and stories from people, orgs and charities you follow, with filters including by charitable interests and UN SDGs.

6. Easy Fundraisers

Fundraise for charities by simply adding a supporter story, posting a linked update, or just linking your bios.

7. Donations, Gifts and Pledges

Make commission-free donations and pledges directly to nonprofits on Givebio. Add gifts made off-platform to share and inspire or just for your record.

8. Share, Embed & Link

Share, embed or link your Givebio profile, bios and updates anywhere! Let the world know the good you do and let the good you do inspire others to care and give for a better world.

Your stories can inspire others to care and give for a better world!

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