Givebio is COMPLETELY FREE for everyone to join and use. We do not charge a membership fee, nor do we charge for creating User, Business, Charity or Community profiles on our platform. And we do not charge commission fees on funds raised on our platform.

However, every venture needs to generate income and profit to be viable, achieve its mission and to be sustainable. Givebio is no different. But we are clear that there must be no barrier for anyone to access and use our platform. Our goal is to create a platform that is self-sustaining and to use any profits generated to further support the charities and community groups using the platform.


So How Do We Generate Income?

Contributions from our community
Givebio is supported in part via our Pioneer Partners and contributions made by generous individuals, businesses, charities and other community organisations who share our vision.

Payment processing fees
Donations received via our platform is subject to a flat 3% fee to mitigate the cost and cashflow implications of Givebio processing these payments, handling Gift Aid, etc.

Advertising and promoted content
Givebio will generate income by incorporating ethical display and native advertising, and promoted content, where appropriate. You can however switch these off at any time.

Value added services
Premium tools and services from us and our collaborating partners are available on or via our platform. These may require one-time payment or recurring subscriptions.


A Word On Profits

All profits generated by our platform is reinvested into improving the platform or distributed to the charities and community groups participating on the platform.

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