Create Your Givebio Org Profile


All users have the ability to add organisations to Givebio. To add your org:

  1. Click the +Add New button in the top menu and choose Add Org.
  2. Fill in the presented form:
    1. Org type
    2. Org name
    3. Givebio URL/handle - your profile will have address
    4. Introduction - brief intro to let users know the basics about your org.
    5. Description - add more information about your org and what it does. You can add a video or up to 4 photos in this section.
    6. Website address
    7. Org address
    8. Contact information - Phone, Email, Contact person
    9. Social links - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram
  3. Click the Submit button and you should be taken to your new Org profile.


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